From the recording Last Hope


"Ways Of A Mad Man"
No faith in fairness, blindsided awareness
War for the poor, while the rich stay careless
Calling me a terrorist, terrorizing the headlines
Reporter out of order, just making they deadline
Conmen in congress, complicit with the cover up
Losers crowned king, no one cares for the runner up
Yeah them trophies giving out, for showing up
Bullies treated special in the school, nerd shoots it up
Why the coverage so selective what they show to us
That fake news, that you never trust
Lawyers, guns, money in the country keep you powered up
Dangers in the corner of the class, just another dunce
Hood high school, police, metal detectors
Search us every morning, hello warden, I meant principal
Hitting secretary and she married to my counselor
Tricking with some students, it's the ones who be prudent
A good high school til the states neglected
No warning like we animals, disrespected
I think I'm cutting class today, for my homies passed away
Books in the corner got dust on it
Why them minds running wild, just another ghetto child
No after school activities, around me negativity
All I seem to ever see, no unity in my community
Vampire slayer in the system of slaves
Alienated, denegrated, don't know how to behave
Caveman coming throwing stones and grenades
Blowing up the boulevard, just a prophet of rage
Ways of a Mad-Man.